What to expect in my visits

Your first visit

As in any other doctor’s consultation, a thorough case history is taken and a physical examination is imperative in determining what is causing your symptoms. This allows your Chiropractor to determine if Chiropractic treatment can help you.

In taking a good case history, you will be asked some questions related to your pain or discomfort such as when it started, the causing event, how it is aggravated etc.

You will also be asked questions around your condition as this gives a bigger and overall picture in order to assess where your condition may be stemming from. Questions may include your family history, your work demands, sleeping patterns etc.

Then your physical examination can begin. You may want to bring a pair of loose shorts and ladies may want to additionally bring a loose strappy top to allow for easier viewing and access to the problematic area. Your Chiropractor will always respect your privacy, but it is sometimes necessary, depending on your area of complaint, to expose the area needing examination.

In this part of the exam, your Chiropractor will check how the ranges of motion of certain joints are, perform some orthopedic and neurological tests and may check some of your system such as your vascular system, listening to your heart and lungs and doing blood pressure etc depending on what your condition may require.

Your Chiropractor will also check the movement of your spine from the top of the neck to your lower back and sacroiliac joints.

Once a full assessment has been made, you can expect your Chiropractor to explain what they have found. They will explain to you what this all means and how it is impacting your health resulting in the symptoms you have been experiencing. He/she will also explain what the best treatment for your condition is and will explain how this works.

At anytime you must feel free to ask questions, to have things re-explained, to be shown pictures of what the area looks like from an anatomical point of view etc. It is IMPERATIVE that you feel comfortable and understand fully, what your condition is about.

At this point, the treatment will start. It may include adjustments/manipulations and various other techniques that your Chiropractor has been specially trained in.

You may be given some stretches, postural advice, advice on sleeping positions and/or ergonomic changes to implement by your Chiropractor and it is important to adhere to this advice as it forms an integral part of your recovery.

Follow up visits

Follow up visits take less time and can range from being 15 to 30 minutes long.

At these visits you will be asked how you are progressing and feeling after your first visit. Treatment techniques may change depending on how you respond.

Once your treatment programme has been completed after a few visits and the Chiropractor is happy with your progress, you may be given some advice on how to maintain your spinal health and a maintenance plan will be worked out for you.

As much as we enjoy having you spend time with us, it is our goal to make you more independent and better able to take responsibility for your own health as you spend more time with yourself than we do!

Why must I come for my follow up visits and complete my treatment programme if I feel fine after just a few treatments?

Your body is wonderfully made! It is so wonderful made that it will compensate for joints that are out of alignment by overusing other joints and muscles to get you from point A to point B and you won’t even feel or realise it.

This is a prime time for other misalignments to occur as the body is now not being used as it was designed for. Further irritation and sometimes pressure directly on the nerves and muscles around the misaligned joints are experienced and this will disrupt the flow of communication between the brain and the rest of the body as previously explained.

The misalignments will cause, as described earlier, a kink in the “highway” (nervous system) between body and brain. This leaves you susceptible not only to aches and pains, but also to excessive wear and tear on the misaligned joints and also hinders your body’s ability to stave off diseases that could otherwise have been prevented with a well-functioning nervous system.

This is primarily why it is so very important to complete the treatment programme and attend to, if set out by your Chiropractor, your maintenance programme twice a year.