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Sustaining a healthy spine is key to achieving and maintaining good overall health.

Here at our chiropractic wellness clinic, our goal is to ensure just that, achieving and maintaining good spinal health.

Under the care of Dr Monica Fiandeiro, exceptional care is taken to ensure that patients are well educated about their condition, that the appropriate care and treatment is provided for that condition and, where applicable, patients are educated in their role in their recovery in order to maintain this level of improvement in their quest for good spinal health.

At our clinic, we focus on using a multidisciplinary approach to patient’s needs, when indicated, to ensure that treatment is holistic to allow for every effort in achieving total patient care.

Workmen's Compensation

There can be a lot of confusion as to what to do with a Workman’s Compensation and Injury on Duty claim, both for the employer and injured employee.

Our practice has opened its doors to treating patients for Workman's Compensation and Injury on Duty claims.

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